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A Crochet Wristlet with lining

     One of the great things about crocheting is that it's portable, the supplies - a ball of yarn and a crochet hook - can be easily carried anywhere, making it perfect for crafting on-the-go.  You can even work on your crochet projects while you're waiting in line, on a road trip, or anywhere else you find yourself.       Sometimes I don't have any particular projects in mind, so I crochet pieces just to keep my hands occupied while indulging in other activities such as watching TV, videos, or reading novels. Over time, I've accumulated a collection of pieces. Some I have used soon after completing them, while others have found their way into my stash of unfinished projects (UFP) , which I believe every crafter has.     Recently,  I resolved to finally confront my pile of unfinished projects - a task I have attempted several times before, only to end up with more added to the pile.    While digging through the UFP stash, I came across a rectangular crochet piece that
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Velvet bucket bag

The past three months I was not very productive. After all winter is time for all to go dormant, I believe and wish. It is for my mother, that means 200% effort being given. The whole process took my some time,  designing, drawing paper pattern, making a prototype, revising pattern, choosing fabric, and finally sewing. And forgot to mention the time spending on hunting small parts:single square loops, adjustable strap ladder and grommets. First I searched online, so many products out there, it's hard for me to pick since I've never used them before. Luckily, a local store has what I need, I took my half-done project there to pick those looking good on it. This bag was made of  heavy velvet and vinyl. A extra bag organizer, made of 5mm felt. I tried it, quite useful, it keeps everything in place, water bottle, glasses, wallet, cellphone. etc. no need to dig any more. I'll make one for myself later, when?maybe when the spring comes, just joking.

Heading south again---Embroidery quilted shoulder bag

   Summer's almost gone, autumn's coming. Canadian geese will head for south again. I made this very roomy shoulder bag for the coming vocation. My dear husband commented:"very good, so it can hold everything." And I'm not sure if it's a praise or not. :D    It took me almost a month to complete this bag. The amount of this fabric was quite tight, I had to plan every cut carefully. Still I made a few small mistakes, but fortunately, all were fixable.    A side pocket was added to hold some small things, like a facial tissue holder, keys, a pen or a small coin purse. Hate to admit that this was one of the mistakes I made, the opening for the zipper was 1/2" shorter then I planned. I must measured wrong, so pocket pickers are gonna have a hard time with this one.  :P      The interfacings used here are : Pellon medium weight fusible interfacing, light weight poly quilting batting which I bought a long time ago and couldn't remember the brand

I'm not hallucinating, I can prove it

   I love fabric, in an addictive manner, even in the past few years when I didn't have time to actually do any project, I still went to buy fabric from time to time, eventually, they are everywhere.    Last week, somehow I suddenly thought about a specific fabric which was bought at Joanna years ago, a yard long.  It is a brown fabric with blue, red, orange flowers and some sparkling, very pretty. I went thought the 1~2 yards brown pile,  "no, not there", then I checked he floral design pile, not there either. Hmmm, maybe piles under 1 yard? no, I couldn't find it anywhere. This made me crazy.   Am I imaging it? I actually never bought it, I saw it in some shop and got impressed, but I didn't buy it. I regretted so much that I imaged that I already had it. Is that possible? NO, I have evidence, luckily, LOL see, the left bottom fabric, that's the one I'm talking about. I'm glad that I  made this owl pincushion long ago, although it has never

Flying somewhere?-- no, not coasters

-----Hi, where are you going? ---Hmmm, heading for the woods~~~ ---The woods is down over there, just get back in line!!! ----You guys are fast, don't leave me behind And no, these are not coasters

Applique block of the month-2 with pattern

Here comes the 2nd block. Since it's called "block of the month", it's gonna be one at least per month, that's  the bottom line for me.  Pattern

Applique block of the month-1

"If making 1 block every 1 or 2 weeks, maybe I can make a queen size quilt in a year ." I said to myself. 6" block, hand appliqued.  I used whatever pieces in my scrap box. It was originally like this. The value of  the yellow petal is too light, it jumps out, but that can be easily fixed with some stitches.                                         Backstitch swirls with dark green floss, voila, the world is saved Old fashion way to draw my pattern