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Applique block of the month-1

"If making 1 block every 1 or 2 weeks, maybe I can make a queen size quilt in a year ." I said to myself.

6" block, hand appliqued.  I used whatever pieces in my scrap box. It was originally like this.

The value of  the yellow petal is too light, it jumps out, but that can be easily fixed with some stitches.

Backstitch swirls with dark green floss, voila, the world is saved

Old fashion way to draw my pattern
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Granny Square Vest

After counting all the granny squares, 43, I knew I was nowhere near to a blanket, and I have some new ideas I really wanna try. Never be able to resist the temptation to start a new project until finishing the old one, that's my big problem, and that's how those UFOs are hidden in my closets. But not this time, this time I'm determined  to finish this project ,  in another way.

        40 squares are used, still 3 left, but only 3, that's a miner problem, right?

Scraps hearts

This whole week,  I dug through my scrap bin and sewed scraps together, felt like making my own fabric.
I've made piles of pieces,  without making any decision how to use them, a reversed applique wall hanging? . maybe.  but I'm sure they'll come in handy one day, some day when I want to make something.

Lotus fabric Origami table topper

Too much fabric, fabric everywhere waiting for being used? Try fabric origami, it really helps to kill some stash.

Scrappy Look Crochet cross-body purse, Toe-less Socks, Finger-less gloves,and Granny squares

Ever since seeing that beautiful granny square blanket on "Big Bang Theory",  I've been wanting to make one. After reading a few crochet books from the library and some practice, do, undo, redo, I started this big project. I did a few blocks and got some odds and ends, that were too short even for the inner circle. I hated the mess and I hated to throw them out too, so here's the idea: A scrappy look  cross-body purse.

Add lining to it, a zipper pocket to hide some secret money LOL

I didn't stop there. I know it's almost summer now, but winter will come, then I'm ready, we're ready.

No idea how many squares are  required to make a blanket, as a beginner, i'm allowed not knowing that, but it seems a lot, 9 blocks make a throw pillow cover, up to now, I made 28 of blocks.

Crazy quilt coin purse , A small or a big project?

Finally, Spring comes. I come out of hibernation eventually, and finished this project which was started months ago. It is small, yes, in size, only 4"1/2 (11cm) diameter, but when talking about the effort, Hmm, I'm not so sure, it did require hours and hours of work, including undoing some embroidery. I'm still learning stitches, so I have an excuse for doing, undoing and redoing.

Back or front? another side for sure


Some details
It started with one pink rose to practice bullion knots, then added more in different colors, then added leaves and stems, and two cat tail plants to balance the whole bouquet

Braided Recycle Area Rug---something useful made from useless

An area rug made from my old T-shirts and yoga pants

Cut old clothes into long strips, then braid 3 fabric strips together, as you braid your hair, then stitch the braid to oval or round

A round one which I made before

Tips : 1. when braiding, fold the raw edges towards center, like binding strip, so no raw edges will show in your rug,
          2.Don't cut too narrow strips.  otherwise, when braiding, it's hard to fold edges, and the folded strip will be to narrow.  I personally prefer 1"1/2

Some Blah, Blah,  People always say we need reduce waste to protect the environment,  to help the Earth, save our planet. Actually, the earth doesn't need anyone to save.  Pollution, climate changes will not destroy the planet,  tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes probably can only cause scratches on it. but to us, those are devastating disasters, we are the fragile environment-depending little creatures here. It's us who we need to save.