Thursday, 26 April 2018

Some bags

    These are things I made recently, a card holder, a wrist-let, an travel organizer .,  and a recycle round area rug which is made of old

    I didn't use any patterns, actually I  made my own flyers paper patterns. The card holder and the wrist-let were easy, but the organizer went wrong many times. I want an organizer that can hold everything for travel, money,cards, passport, tickets, documents, etc. , so I planned many inside pockets without considering the thickness of those layers of fabric and interfacing would add up together. When I tried to assemble it and found out the seam was too bulky to sew,  I had to cut some inside pockets shorter to reduce excess bulk, with undo and redo many times, it got there.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Winter's memory

I always say: I hate winter. To me ,winter equals cold, equals snow, equals shoveling the painful long driveway, equals walking on slippery sidewalk.......... But, sometimes it simply equals beauty.

The autumn joy looks like a Chinese brush painting.
Magnolia is waiting to blossom quietly.