Monday, 29 September 2008

Something for vocation

Yeah!!I'll be on vocation for two weeks, Although we are leaving tomorrow, instead of packing, I made a passport holder last night. It's just big enough for two passports and air tickets.

A small bag I made a long time ago for my underwear.

I learned something new this morning, meshwork in fabric, very interesting, also a very good time killer, but it needs a wool needle, which I don't think is allowed aboard.

I really have to pack now. Thanks for watching my blog, and see you in two weeks.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Walnut Pincushion with full Tutorial

This is something I always want to make, old-time looking walnut pincushion.
I'm an embellisher, I guess, I always try to add some small things here and there, this time I added some cotton lace in and out the walnut shell.

Make this Walnut Pincushion, you'll need
a walnut half shell
glue (white glue,etc I used Elmer's school glue)
3.5" fabric square
2 pieces of cotton lace (1/4" wide)
a bit fiberfill
a pair of scissors
a needle and some thread

1, Get yourself a nice walnut shell and clean it. I tried 7 walnuts and got one. I found it was much easier to use a hammer than a cracker to get an intact shell.

2. Stitch a circle in the fabric using running stitch, leave at least 1.5" thread at both ends.

3. put fiberfill within the circle

4.pull thread from both ends, keep all the fiberfill inside.

5. tie a knot tightly to make a ball

6. put some glue at the bottom of the shell, put the fabric ball into the shell. Put some glue around the edge of the side. When applying glue, make sure to apply only a thin layer, too much glue usually weakens the bond.

7. Carefully insert a piece of cotton lace between the shell and the ball

8. Hold them in place until they are dry enough to stay together by their own. I held them about 10 min. It's good the pincushion is small,I still got a hand free to surf the internet.

9. Glue another piece of cotton lace around the outside edge of the shell.

Without internet, can we live?

I thought I could live without the net, I could go real stores instead of shopping online, I could watch TV and read newspaper instead of reading online news, I could mail/call my friends instead of sending emails or chatting in MSN,I could book all kind s of tickets by calling instead of booking shouldn't be much different. I may even have more time to do other things.
Then I lost my connection last week. I found life was much more tedious without it!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Fabric Covered Boxes

More boxes :). I used to put my fabric scraps in a plastic bag, which I always did't like much. Last week, I reorganized my fabric stash and found a few pieces I bought a year ago just when I started doing patchwork, those pieces were too thin to be used in patchwork but would be perfect to cover boxes. I also made two redwork pieces to decor the boxes. The pot one was a leftover of a wall hanging, I cut it off and used fusible webbing to attach it, the bear one was stitched on using blanket stitch.

My scraps have a nice house ever since.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Country kitchen Valance

The winter here is long, white and cold. I make this bright country look valance, hopefully, it can add some colors to this coming winter.

At night, it looks warm.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Ruched lampshade

This beautiful china lamp caught my eyes in a flea market. It came without a lampshade, but I thought I could easily find a nice lampshade for it.

It even has a night light inside.

In the next few months, I tried every place selling lampshades and couldn't find anything matching this beauty. Until last week, I got an idea when making a new curtain for our kitchen, why not make a fabric lampshade for it?
I bought a lampshade in a Dollar store. It didn't matter how ugly it was, I believed it would look good after my work. :)

I cut out the fabric, so it wouldn't diminish light too much after I added the ruched lampshade.

Lucky I found these two fabric that matched the blue flower on the lamp nicely.
Now it really lightens our bedroom. :)