Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cala Lily Trapunto wall hanging

One of the projects was completed, I asked my husband to hang it in the guest bedroom.
A bout 2 and half years ago, after we moved in this house , I said I was going to take care of all the decoration of the walls. Just when starting to look for pictures/drawings to hang in our house, I started to do cross stitch and addicted to it, then I told my husband I was going to decorate all the walls with my projects. More than 2 years have past, I got into plastic canvas, needlepoint, embroidery, patchwork..., bought lots of kits, threads, yarns, and tons of fabric, but most of walls are still left blank. Feel a bit guilty here.

Another shot, it looks very 3-dimensional.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Things in progress

I'm quite ambitious recently, doing many things at the same time, but nothing got done yet. Wait a second, actually, one of them was completed.

A cala lily trapunta wall hanging, almost done, just some quilting left, this is only a partial picture.

A redwork wall hanging for kitchen, it has to been done before Christmas.

This is the finished one, a fabric origami coaster, it is very fabric consuming. Those white green blue flower should be on the wrong side after folding, but I made a direction mistake when assembling. Next time, I'll only use allover fabric to make it mistake-proof.

I started the crewel stitch long time ago, and planned to finish it before next year, a big question mark here, can I?
My husband likes this needlepoint, it shouldn't take long.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Something small but handy

Yesterday, when cleaning the scrap bin(I do that once in a while), I found a really small piece of prequilted fabric, which is the last leftover of my sewing machine cozy. so I made two small hanging bags for small scissors and seam rippers. This time that fabric was all used up, nothing left, the feeling was good, almost like finally I completed something. :)

Hanging together

Now, let's have a big family reunion. All the things are made from the same piece of fabric.

And here is something else I want to show you, a carry-around tool roller I made before. It's small but multifunctional, two pockets for scissors, many pockets for markers/rulers..... a built-in pin cushion,a built-in needle holder, and a thread holder good for 3 spools.

Roll it up, it's handy to carry around.

Friday, 14 November 2008

No time for any other things any more?

Just found out Command & Conquer Red alert 3 was released half a month ago. Ever since I played the first game of this series more than 10 years ago, it becomes my favorite game series, can't believe it, so many years has passed by! I've never missed even a single releasing day until now. And this new game make me think, after I developed this new hobby:patchwork or purse making(what ever you call it), I hardly have time for any other things I used to do, such as, video games, yoga, karate... Whenever I have time , I want to sit down and make something. Although I hate to admit, I gain some weight, hmm, I mean quite amount of pounds. Maybe it's time to pickup some old activities, even for a few minutes a day.

Once, a friend sent me a small poem she got on internet after she knew I started a quilting project. I do find myself there. When I do craft and som thing else need to do, I say just another half an hour and I stop, that's not going to happen, I just continue doing my craft.

My Wife, the Quilter (author unknown)

She learned to quilt on Monday.
Her Stitches were very fine.
She forgot to thaw out dinner,
So we went out to dine.

She quilted miniatures Tuesday.
She says they are a must.
They really were quite lovely,
But she forgot to dust.

On Wednesday, it was a sampler.
She says the stripling's fun.
What highlights! Oh what shadows!
But the laundry wasn't done.

Her charm quilt was on Thursday,
Green patches, blue and red.
I guess she really was engrossed;
She never mad the bed.

It was wallhangings on Friday,
In colors she adores,
But she never seemed to notice the crumbs on all the floors.

I found a maid on Saturday!
My week is now complete.
My wife can quilt the hours away;
The house will still be neat.

Well, it's already Sunday.
I think I'm about to wilt.
I cursed, I raved, I ranted-
The MAID has learned to Quilt!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Little Bear Pencil Case

Here is my second Christmas project, a little bear pencil case, which will be part of the gift package to my nieces. Will an 11 year old girl like it?

A bear boy lives in the woods.

A bear girl also lives in the woods. I stitched some eyelashes to make it look like a girl.

Thanks to Kaka, a friend who shared this pattern with me, which I believed from a Taiwanese magazine.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Low Cost Patchwork Board

When I mark on fabric, sometimes fabric moves and stretches, which annoys me. Last week, I found a product named Patchwork Board(produced by Clover, a Japanese Company), a kind of marking board has a built-in sandpaper surface to hold fabric in place so you can mark accurate lines, and the opposite side is an ironing board surface. The price listed on the official website is US$29.95.

Today, I tried to find this patchwork board in 3 local stores, they don't have it. So I decided to make one myself. I went to Canadian Tire and bought a piece of Ultra fine sandpaper (the finest sandpaper in store) at $0.27 + tax. :) I glued it on hard paper board, and glued a layer of batting on the wrong side, then cover the batting side with a piece of fabric( larger than the hard paper board), folded the fabric to the sandpaper side and glued the edge to cover the edge of the sandpaper. Voila!! In about half an hour, I made a marking-ironing board for less than $1.00. If I know it, I wouldn't have spent the whole morning hunting for it. And that makes me think how much profit they can make in thus a simple product!

I tried, it holds fabric perfectly. Action shot

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Time for Xmas again

I'm starting my Xmas craft season by a cross stitch ornament this year. A bit early? maybe. Time goes by fast, last year I ended up finishing my Xmas projects after the Xmas, so they have to wait almost a whole year to get up on stage.
Here they are, one year old, but brand new coasters. I only started sewing/quilting by the end of last year, look at the stitches, really not that neat.

more ornaments