Friday, 27 February 2009

Fabric tulip Tutorial

Here comes the tutorial for the Fabric Tulips. Hope you'll like it

fabric: pedel-shaped : 3
leave- shaped 2
wire 20gauge 14"
flower tape 13"

Tools: Glue gun

Note: I drew white lines to show where to sew.


Step !: make the stem
A. Stretch the tape gently, after stretch, it becomes a little sticky,
B. Wrap the tape around the wire, starting 1/2" from one end, don't worry about the unwrapped part, it'll be hidden inside the bud.

C. Use pliers to make a loop at the unwrap end

Step 2: make the bud
A. take 2 pieces of the pedal-shaped fabric, right face together, sew one side only, leave 1/4" seam allowance

B. Sew the third piece and the piece made in step A together, right face together,

it should look like this

C. Turn inside out

Step 3: Make the leave
A. Sew the 2 peice of leave-shaped fabric together, leave the bottom open
B.Turn inside out
C. Sew along the edge

Step 4:Assemle the tulip
A. Fold the raw edge of the bud inside about 1/4", stitch it using running stitch, leave 2" thread at both ends.

B. Stuff fiberfill into the bud, and insert the stem into the bud with the loop end inside.

C. Tighten the thread end and use a needle to hide the end into the bud. If it's not tight enough, it's Ok, we can use glue to fix it later.

D. Heat the glue gun, put glue at the bottom of the leave and glue it on the stem

E. Put a little glue here to fasten the stem.

That's it. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tilited Windmill--- A short cut

Here is the short cut to make tilted windmill, no need to work with triangles. All the measures are good for 5" squares. If you want to see larger pictures, you'll have to click on the picture.

1, make a template like this

A. draw a 3 1/4" square on carton (or paper), you can cut it out now or later.

B. Find the center of the square by draw 2 diagonal lines, the center is where the two lines cross

c. draw a line parallel to borders, passing the center

D.use a protractor to draw a line 57 degree cross the line drew in step C, passing the center

E, draw a line perpendicular to the line drew in step D.

F. clean all lines except the last two lines, and of course the borders if you haven't cut the square off in the first place.
(G. Cut off the square if haven't done)

2 sew all the 5" squares you want to use together. I don't have any 5" square left, So I draw the assembling on a paper in order to show how to use the template.

3, use template

4, the block after cutting looks like this

5. 4 blocks make a windmill

That's it, Enjoy!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Tilted Windmill Tablecloth

Finally, it's done!!!

I've never thought it still took so long, since it was machine-quilted by my small home sewing machine. I wish I had a long-arm, it was hard to manipulate when the room was limited. Anyway it's done, I'm reasonably happy with myself and my sewing machine.

I learned something from this project. Not love yellow very much, I rarely use this color. I don't have much yellow fabric either. But looking at how this area is lightened by the yellow windmill, it goes very well with red, blue and green. I'll buy some yellow fabric next time definitely.

It looks retro, isn't it?

Red windmills are actually less than both green and blue ones, but when looking at the whole picture, it appears there are more red ones. Red is more dominant, says any basic color book. Now I remember it.

And I've been lazy, has anyone found it? I didn't quilt the border part. It's all right when looking at it, but in the photo, it's really showed, I guess it's because the angle I look at it is different from that I took photos. I should do some make-up quilting later.

Monday, 9 February 2009


Winter here is long, almost half the year, white and cold, at the same time, fun and beautiful. I can't tell how I feel about it. Sometimes I love it, but sometimes I hate it.

You wonder why people hate winter?
Yes! they were cars parking on road.

And you wonder why people love winter?

You wonder why people hate snow?
It was our driveway after a snow storm.

Our Kitchen door

And you wonder why people love snow? The last rose in my back yard, it was beautiful, isn't it?

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Flowers that never fade

Time keeps changing, spring comes and goes, but these flowers will never fade, bloom in the coldest winter.

These tulip buds are actually by-products of that tilted windmill table cloth, which I just finished assembling. After cutting, lots of squares were left, with diagonal grain.

I made a carton template and got a pile of these, three of them can make a tulip bud.