Sunday, 21 March 2010

Winter's memory

I always say: I hate winter. To me ,winter equals cold, equals snow, equals shoveling the painful long driveway, equals walking on slippery sidewalk.......... But, sometimes it simply equals beauty.

The autumn joy looks like a Chinese brush painting.
Magnolia is waiting to blossom quietly.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Lotus area rug-- A Stash Killer

Thanks to my dear husband, I got the inspiration. He started to worry about my stash, "What are you gonna do with all those fabrics, lay out all of them layer by layer, covering every inch of our house, a few dozen layers will do only if you don't buy any more." one day, he said when he found out my stash had invaded into not only the guest bedroom, but the mater bedroom as well.

Here comes my stash killing project, a fabric origami area rug. This round rug with only about 27" diameter used up about 11 to 12 yards of fabric. I didn't use any batting, since it's thick enough, some spots overlapped exactly a dozen layers just like my hubby suggested.

I'm going to put it here with the hand carved three-leg chair.

It looks like a lotus, at least to me. I like it very much, probably will make a green one later. But next I'll do some scrap cleaning projects.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Something red

Here comes the UFO No2, it was started the year before last year, well qualified for a UFO. Actually, I'm quite fond of it, don't know why it's been abandoned for such a long time.

Hopefully, I can find a place for it after our kitchen renovation is done, which will be contemporary style. Keeping my fingers crossed, it's a long project after all, although not a big one.

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year's Resolution

After a long time of silence, I'm back with an ambitious new year's resolution: complete all the UFOs I have created, sounds like a mission impossible.
But I'm trying.

Ta-Ta...Finished UFO No.1, a patchwork wallet.
I machine-stitched a dragonfly on the backside
Something green inside, I recycled that small piece of transparent vinyl from a chocalate box to make a photo holder