Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Garden notebook cover

We bought our house about two years ago. The former owners planted a lot of plants here and there, a bit over grown. Since spring has come, we're planning to redesign our small front yard. Instead of consulting a professional designer,we decided to do it ourselves. In order to make the small garden look nice in all four seasons, well, actually ,three, in winter it will be white, I'm sure about that, we'll have to know what to keep and remove, and where to replant some of them, and we also need to know when they sprout and bloom, how high and wide they are. In one word, keeping on tracking the growth of all plants we have is necessary. Since I'm the one who has to do the job, I made this small garden notebook cover to add a bit fun on the job.

That is the whole story about why and how I got the inspiration to make this small garden notebook cover. I used decorative ribbon to make the binding and inside decoration.

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