Saturday, 8 November 2008

Low Cost Patchwork Board

When I mark on fabric, sometimes fabric moves and stretches, which annoys me. Last week, I found a product named Patchwork Board(produced by Clover, a Japanese Company), a kind of marking board has a built-in sandpaper surface to hold fabric in place so you can mark accurate lines, and the opposite side is an ironing board surface. The price listed on the official website is US$29.95.

Today, I tried to find this patchwork board in 3 local stores, they don't have it. So I decided to make one myself. I went to Canadian Tire and bought a piece of Ultra fine sandpaper (the finest sandpaper in store) at $0.27 + tax. :) I glued it on hard paper board, and glued a layer of batting on the wrong side, then cover the batting side with a piece of fabric( larger than the hard paper board), folded the fabric to the sandpaper side and glued the edge to cover the edge of the sandpaper. Voila!! In about half an hour, I made a marking-ironing board for less than $1.00. If I know it, I wouldn't have spent the whole morning hunting for it. And that makes me think how much profit they can make in thus a simple product!

I tried, it holds fabric perfectly. Action shot

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What a great idea on the placement block!!! I am going to have to make me one of those.