Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Crazy quilt PDA cozy with Tut (Tut for the Black &White Ipod cozy)

Finally, everything goes back to normal. I got a problem with high speed,it almost drove me crazy.

The decorative stitches took much longer than I thought, but here it is. I remembered when attending a short quilt class in a quilt show, a lady said every quilter should try at least once crazy quilting either in beginner level or master level. Since I'm a beginner and have accumulated quite amount of scraps, I tried this crazy patchwork with my scrapes. I never throw away any leftover fabrics, no matter how small they are. You see, I found a nice way to use them up.
I've never thought crazy quilting could be so fun, playing with colors,fabrics,and those decorative stitches make it a really pleasure.

The other side

a bit detail, I really like the combination of blanket stitch and lazy daisy stitch.


Measure the size of PDA
When measuring the size of the PDA, you have consider the height as well. I added height+ 0.3cm to width, and 2 height+ 5 cm to the length.

For example, my PDA is 9*12*1.5cm, a=12cm, b=9cm, height=1.5cm,
so the length= 2*12+ 2*1.5+5=32cm
width=9+1.5 +0.3=10.8cm
When doing the measurement, always measure the widest part.

1. cut a piece of tear-away paper foundation according to the size of the PDA (can be a bit larger). sew all the fabrics on the foundation, after finish, tear the paper away, now we have the top.

2. cut a piece of fusible fleece and a piece of back, make a sandwich.

I used light weight cotton as the back, since another lay of fabric will be add on the wrong side after finishing those decorative stitches, otherwise it will look terrible. Cheese cloth will also work well.

3. make decorative stitches, this is my favorite part.

4.add another lay of fabric, cut the piece precisely to the size, and cut two of the corners round, finish binding. We get a rectangular piece.

wrong side

5. using hidden stitch to stitch both sides together and sew snap on. All done.

For the Black and white Ipod cozy, the only difference is the top, here is the detailed cutting and assembling:

It's all there. :)


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Lovely work , tx u so much for sharing :)
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yimi said...

Thank you, I visited your blog, very creative and very cute.