Saturday, 6 September 2008

Ruched lampshade

This beautiful china lamp caught my eyes in a flea market. It came without a lampshade, but I thought I could easily find a nice lampshade for it.

It even has a night light inside.

In the next few months, I tried every place selling lampshades and couldn't find anything matching this beauty. Until last week, I got an idea when making a new curtain for our kitchen, why not make a fabric lampshade for it?
I bought a lampshade in a Dollar store. It didn't matter how ugly it was, I believed it would look good after my work. :)

I cut out the fabric, so it wouldn't diminish light too much after I added the ruched lampshade.

Lucky I found these two fabric that matched the blue flower on the lamp nicely.
Now it really lightens our bedroom. :)

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