Thursday, 20 November 2008

Something small but handy

Yesterday, when cleaning the scrap bin(I do that once in a while), I found a really small piece of prequilted fabric, which is the last leftover of my sewing machine cozy. so I made two small hanging bags for small scissors and seam rippers. This time that fabric was all used up, nothing left, the feeling was good, almost like finally I completed something. :)

Hanging together

Now, let's have a big family reunion. All the things are made from the same piece of fabric.

And here is something else I want to show you, a carry-around tool roller I made before. It's small but multifunctional, two pockets for scissors, many pockets for markers/rulers..... a built-in pin cushion,a built-in needle holder, and a thread holder good for 3 spools.

Roll it up, it's handy to carry around.

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