Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tilited Windmill--- A short cut

Here is the short cut to make tilted windmill, no need to work with triangles. All the measures are good for 5" squares. If you want to see larger pictures, you'll have to click on the picture.

1, make a template like this

A. draw a 3 1/4" square on carton (or paper), you can cut it out now or later.

B. Find the center of the square by draw 2 diagonal lines, the center is where the two lines cross

c. draw a line parallel to borders, passing the center

D.use a protractor to draw a line 57 degree cross the line drew in step C, passing the center

E, draw a line perpendicular to the line drew in step D.

F. clean all lines except the last two lines, and of course the borders if you haven't cut the square off in the first place.
(G. Cut off the square if haven't done)

2 sew all the 5" squares you want to use together. I don't have any 5" square left, So I draw the assembling on a paper in order to show how to use the template.

3, use template

4, the block after cutting looks like this

5. 4 blocks make a windmill

That's it, Enjoy!

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