Monday, 23 February 2009

Tilted Windmill Tablecloth

Finally, it's done!!!

I've never thought it still took so long, since it was machine-quilted by my small home sewing machine. I wish I had a long-arm, it was hard to manipulate when the room was limited. Anyway it's done, I'm reasonably happy with myself and my sewing machine.

I learned something from this project. Not love yellow very much, I rarely use this color. I don't have much yellow fabric either. But looking at how this area is lightened by the yellow windmill, it goes very well with red, blue and green. I'll buy some yellow fabric next time definitely.

It looks retro, isn't it?

Red windmills are actually less than both green and blue ones, but when looking at the whole picture, it appears there are more red ones. Red is more dominant, says any basic color book. Now I remember it.

And I've been lazy, has anyone found it? I didn't quilt the border part. It's all right when looking at it, but in the photo, it's really showed, I guess it's because the angle I look at it is different from that I took photos. I should do some make-up quilting later.

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anonimous said...

Beautiful x