Friday, 20 March 2009

Four seasons slippers

DIY is like weeds, when it starts, you can't stopping it from spreading.

My slipper-making career started from a single felt oak leaf I cut when watching TV. It looked nice, so I started looking for a place to put it. then I saw my old slippers: after decorating, they were going to be nice. But when I tried to glue them, a new idea came up: I could make some new ones.

I ended my slipper-making career by two more fluffy ones.

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Linda Wesley said...

Dear Yimi, I do like your blog. Everything is so beautiful. After a long search, I was so pleased to find fabric tulips as made by you - 2 or 3 petals? I like a single leaf. More leaves than that are too many. I just hope that those to whom I give them will be happy to receive them. Thank you for sharing your talent and expertise with us. Regards, Linda.