Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Prepare for Summer

Summer's coming, and I'm ready to go.

Since we took out our tent from its original bag, it has never been packed into that small bag again. It stays in a big plastic bag until now.

It's quite roomy, with all those stuffed in, I think it can hold at least 2 more bath towels.

I've been planning to make an emergency kit bag for a long time. Although I thought about it carefully, I still made a few mistakes. This is the one I couldn't figure out a way to fix without redoing it. The zipper should be inserted between the two layers like sandwich.
I designed the inside part first, many pockets and elastic bands.

inside look, still some room for tweezers, Q-tips, etc.

Oh, the appliqued running ambulance, isn't it cute?

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