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Braided Recycle Area Rug---something useful made from useless

An area rug made from my old T-shirts and yoga pants

Cut old clothes into long strips, then braid 3 fabric strips together, as you braid your hair, then stitch the braid to oval or round

A round one which I made before

Tips : 1. when braiding, fold the raw edges towards center, like binding strip, so no raw edges will show in your rug,
          2.Don't cut too narrow strips.  otherwise, when braiding, it's hard to fold edges, and the folded strip will be to narrow.  I personally prefer 1"1/2
Some Blah, Blah,  People always say we need reduce waste to protect the environment,  to help the Earth, save our planet. Actually, the earth doesn't need anyone to save.  Pollution, climate changes will not destroy the planet,  tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes probably can only cause scratches on it. but to us, those are devastating disasters, we are the fragile environment-depending little creatures here. It's us who we need to save.


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Fabric tulip Tutorial

Here comes the tutorial for the Fabric Tulips. Hope you'll like it

fabric: pedel-shaped : 3
leave- shaped 2
wire 20gauge 14"
flower tape 13"

Tools: Glue gun

Note: I drew white lines to show where to sew.


Step !: make the stem
A. Stretch the tape gently, after stretch, it becomes a little sticky,
B. Wrap the tape around the wire, starting 1/2" from one end, don't worry about the unwrapped part, it'll be hidden inside the bud.

C. Use pliers to make a loop at the unwrap end

Step 2: make the bud
A. take 2 pieces of the pedal-shaped fabric, right face together, sew one side only, leave 1/4" seam allowance

B. Sew the third piece and the piece made in step A together, right face together,

it should look like this

C. Turn inside out

Step 3: Make the leave
A. Sew the 2 peice of leave-shaped fabric together, leave the bottom open
B.Turn inside out
C. Sew along the edge

Step 4:Assemle the tulip
A. Fold the raw edge of the bud inside about 1/4"…

Last minute Gift------ Plastic Canvas watermelon coasters

This set of plastic canvas watermelon coasters was a gift to a couple, I finished them on last Saturday and sent out on the very same day. I think I'm really a last minute person, no more how early I start, things always end up being finished at the last minute.

This color is a bit off due to the light, there is no way to photo again. :)

Put them together.

I made some mistake when cutting canvas, so here comes these two. Can you tell where are the mistakes? I put extra stitches on to make up where I cut off wrong.

That's the real color. :)

Here are the mistakes. I cut off one gird more.

The pattern is a freebie in Uniek Inc.'s website. Littledeer, a nice friend I met on internet, found and shared it with me.
Here is the link: