Monday, 19 January 2009

"Are you crazy?"

"Are you crazy?" My husband asked me, when he saw me cutting tons of 5" squares, sewing them together to make a big piece, and then again cutting the big piece into 3 1/2" square tilted windmill blocks, over 200 of them.

This made him believe that he's right about patchwork: it's all about cutting big pieces into small pieces and then sew the small pieces into a big piece again, repeat the process if want to make it more complicated.

"Not quite." I said, "Wait and see it finished. You'll know it's worth it."
"When?" He asked.
That question really shut me up. I have so many unfinished projects, who knows when I can finish it.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am also bad about not finishing or sometimes even getting started with my projects. I am a crocheter and sometimes as I am digging through boxes of yarn, I will come across something I started. Sometimes the instructions will not even be with it and I have no idea what I was doing. Right now, I got an idea from some lady who said, she crochets or knits hats all year and then sends them to people who need them. So I already have a garbage bag half full of hats. I've decided that scarves aren't such a bad idea either. Plus some of the hats can be chemo hats....oh my, the possibilities!

yimi said...

Good for you. That's a terrific idea, crocheting chemo hats.
Hehe, I have to admit that I'm glad to know there are people like me out there. Sometimes, I feel guilty starting a new project without finishing the old ones.