Monday, 5 January 2009

A gift for a far-away friend ------a small hand purse

Happy New year!!!
A another busy holiday season has gone. Except from visiting & being visited, I left many unfinished holiday projects for next holiday season. :)

I made a small hand purse for a friend I met on internet. It's being mailed for a while, she should have it very soon, not in time for Christmas, not in time for New year either, but still good for the Chinese Spring Festival, which I believe will be at the end of January.

It's small, but took me some time to make a patchwork lid and cross-stitch maple leaf on the purse body. Hope she'll like it. I always worry about people's reaction to my hand-made gifts, do they like them?

Shot in action, a zipper bag in the back

Inside look, it's good for a cellphone and some card.

Here was the gift I got from my dear husband, a fabric trip, 200km drive, 3 fabric stores. He said I was a fabriholic.

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