Sunday, 18 May 2008

Manly Ipod cozy and cellphone cozy

I made that black & white Ipod cozy for a guy. It turned out to be a bit floral. After I posted it in for comments, I got some great ideas on making things for guys. When digging through my fabric stash, I found these two fabric and thought these two would be good for man. It was hard to choose between these two, so I used them both.
Making bags is quite addictive.

This one was made of a piece of home decor remnant. Brown matches most of his cloth. So I'll send him this one.

I've never though I would like camo very much, but I like this one, especially after stitching on that button. And this was claimed by a girl, the size is perfect for her cell phone and she loves it.


kpotragic said...

any chance we can get a tutorial for the black and white quilted one you did? Love it!


yimi said...

Thanks, I'll make a PDA cozy with the same procedure as the Black/White one soon. I can take photos and write a tut, and I'll write down all the cutting sizes for the Ipod one, will this work for you?