Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tulip Key Cozy (with Tutorial)Part 3

Step 6 Make a tulip bud
Measure a cord, when folded, it should be at least 1 in(2.5cm) longer than the cozy body.

Tie the two ends of the cord together to make a loop.

Cut a piece of fabric 2inX1.5in(5cmX3.75cm), fold right side together, insert the loop between the two layers, sew two layers together leaving one side as an opening. I draw a black line along the sewing line to make it visible.

Turn it over, and fold seam allowance inward, now it looks like a cup. Fill the cup with fiberfill.

Stitch 4 points together, following the order A-B-C-D.

Pull the thread, anchor it, now we have a tulip bud.

Last step

Insert the loop into the cozy body, use hidden stitch to narrow the top opening, be careful not to stitch on the cord, we want it to move freely.

Tie the keys on,hmm, my friend had a hard time to tie the knot. It's hard to take photo though, I made a video.

Viola, here is my first tutorial, hmm, hope it's clear enough to understand. if not let me know


Anonymous said...

wow! thank you so very much for this tutorial, I am going to give it a try as soon as I have the right fabrics and other material!
Thanks again, you are a great tutorial writer!

hugs from the Netherlands
Winda aka Dutch Quilter

yimi said...

You are very welcome, I'm really glad you like it