Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tutorial---Oriental Traditional Tea Bag Part II

Summer's coming, it's harder and harder to stay inside when it's so beautiful outside. I'm seriously considering setup my "system" outside.

Step 4 Fold it, sew along the marked lines. Make sure corner to corner.

Fold it like this

Repeat on the other side,pin the folded part

Step 5 Turn it over to the wrong side

Sew small triangles on both sides

Turn to the right side, and anchor a few points, repeat on the other side

Here's a variation, fold a layer down, and anchor it with a button or a Yoyo

Step 6 cut two 18" long cords,

Tie the ends together, can also make the tulip buds as showed in the tulip key cozy.
Put tea bags inside, pull the cords and tie them up. It's done. :)

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